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What we do

Sustainable entrepreneurship

Sustainable entrepreneurship is the standard at Garden Center Advice. In addition to this, we look at raw materials, energy consumption and the ecological effects before, during and after the operational phase of a garden center.

Renovation or new build? Always the highest level

Whether it concerns new build, renovation or revitalization of your garden center, Garden Center Advice provides all the qualities required for this: from knowledge and advice to design and completion.

A renovation or an entire project? Our professionals know exactly how an attractive and original design can be interpreted into a solid and functional building. We have the best designers in the industry, both for interiors and exteriors. These highly skilled specialists have extensive knowledge of the market, its players, developments, products and materials. This enables them to get the most out of the possibilities with the most enjoyable shopping experience and the best return as a result.


New build starts with a thorough survey of the location

As far as we are concerned, designing a new garden center always starts with a thorough survey of the location. This includes studying pressure from competitors, accessibility, market developments and costs. Together with the entrepreneur, we map out the best route.

Once all the factors have been established, we start designing. In this stage we seek the best combination of shape and function, make choices on future-proofness and an optimum shopping route. The shape is one of the aspects to achieve the desired look of a garden center. Other aspects are variations with sun blinds, sandwich panels, roof tiles, powder coatings, different types of glass and the degree of reflection. They have a tremendous impact on the appearance of a greenhouse. The glass environment ensures a great experience in any weather.

A glass building is an ideal place for visitors and employees to stay. Daylight has a positive influence on the health and well-being of people. It improves concentration, reduces people’s stress levels and the risk of accidents, and ensures a pleasant perception of the area.

Business optimization

Sometimes an optimization is enough to provide your garden center with new impulses. By strengthening characteristic elements, it is possible to achieve a huge result with limited resources. We always look at ‘Return on Investment’.

Results can quickly be achieved through internal optimization. We do so based on current analyses, for example a customer origin analysis, scans of product ranges, improvements to routing and benchmarking. We carefully examine where and how optimization can be achieved. We also do this for existing buildings. Adapting a building is a fast and relatively cheap way to realize improvements.

We have applied our methodology effectively and successfully several times, for example Hageland Oddernes (Norway), De Boet (the Netherlands), Plantorama Egå (Denmark) and Praxis Garden Center Beverwijk (the Netherlands). These garden centers are all very profitable in the meanwhile.

Increasing the attractiveness

Perception and inspiration are essential in garden centers. Wide aisles, inviting low tables with an extensive product range and lots of light are vital. Even if there is not enough space for this, it can be achieved with relatively easy interventions.

With a functional design as an eye-catcher, we broaden the appeal through a better display of the product range, a good lighting plan and a sales-promoting store routing. All this without any loss of turnover since the doors remain open for your customers while we work. We complete your garden center within the planning timeframe and within the available budget.

The perfect routing

Thanks to substantiating figures and analyses, we are able to design and implement the perfect routing. Where suppliers of different store materials often manage one process well, for example, supplying attractive shelving, we use the preferences of our clients and their customers as a starting point.

Together, we examine where you want to excel in the market and assess where the strengths lie. It is because we look at the layout of a store differently that this results in the best solution. A sophisticated routing and an up-to-date product range contribute extensively to achieving higher turnover targets.

Garden centers developed by Garden Center Advice are often equipped with a short route for quick purchases and a long route that leads customers past all the various departments.

Climate zones

In our designs we create various climate zones in a garden center: from unheated to heated and pleasant. Visitors walk from the unheated greenhouse, via outdoor sales in the open air to the heated greenhouse and garden café where it is pleasantly warm. The checkout area is close to the entrance where you can find a florist, a farm store for local products and customer service.

While coordinating these zones, it is always important to look at light penetration and lighting requirements. An unheated greenhouse needs lots of natural light and a garden café needs more controlled light. By examining the functions of various zones in the glass building, we can coordinate the lighting applications and performance of those zones in groups and ideally to each other using:

  • various types of glass or polycarbonate (insulating, solar-controlling, sound-insulating, etc.);
  • screen installations, canvas systems that have an insulating and/or sun-protecting function;
  • special 3-layer ETFE film that is very durable, has a high insulation value and is resistant to radiation;
  • and, of course, the natural shade of plants and vegetation.

The possibilities are endless

Garden Center Advice combines knowledge of climate control, signing, safety, facilities and detailed drawings with years of experience. Always refined and with an understanding of its client’s interests. This is how extraordinary garden centers are created that put the experience of visitors first.