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Expansion Wolters Gardencenter, Overdinkel (the Netherlands) 2016

Established in 1947 as Bloemenhuis Wolters, specializing in the sale of flowers and plants, Wolters Gardencenter now stocks all kinds of products for embellishing homes and gardens in an area of 25,000 m². Wolters is one of the largest independent garden centers in the east of the Netherlands. With a complete range of attractive articles it focuses on the whole of the surrounding Twente region and the adjacent parts of Germany.

In 2013, the garden center decided to expand its premises with a large restaurant and a home-furnishing department to enhance its visitors’ experience. It opted for a surprising, creative design. Breddels Architecten interpreted Wolters’ wishes into an attractive wooden structure supporting insulated curved roofs, a terrace and an enclosed outdoor garden.

Wolters wanted to continue to surprise its customers and encourage them to visit the store. An additional area of 3,700 m² accommodates a newly built restaurant and adjacent shops-in-shops.