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Expansion VillaVerde Montceau, Gourdon (France) 2020

VillaVerde Montceau is part of a total of 69 VillaVerde branches. The garden center is located in Gourdon, a city north of Lyon. Despite its smaller size, they really wanted the expertise from abroad to refurbish it into a more modern VillaVerde garden center. A recognizable entrance, large greenhouses and a clear routing were the starting points of the design.

The garden center is situated somewhat lower than its surroundings, which makes the building match nicely with the existing buildings on the other side. The new garden center is approx. 3,000 m² with an outdoor garden and terrace of 900 m². This terrace is situated on a hill with a small stream and orientated towards the afternoon and evening sun.

Next door to the garden center, VillaVerde also has a restaurant and nursery. It is also possible to book one of the ‘green’ workshops.