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New build Magasin Vert, Marly (France) 2013

A Dutch garden center concept in France, that is the new ‘Magasin Vert’ in Marly, near Metz.

The Apex purchasing group - spread over 5 horticultural cooperatives - is the owner of 461 ‘Magazins Verts’ garden centers throughout France. The garden center in Marly, which opened its doors on 6 April 2013, is the first large new concept garden center.

It covers 5,500 m² including partially covered outdoor grounds of 2,500 m², two greenhouse stores each measuring 1,500 m² and 220 parking spaces. Particularly charming are the extra-wide parking spaces for parents with children.

The resemblance to Dutch garden centers is immediately obvious. A stately façade with lots of glass, finished with green edges and rust-colored panels.
 The curved trusses are in view both internally and externally. Visitors enter at the unheated greenhouse containing mostly edible plants, this is followed by the ponds and animal sections, the garden store and the ambience and interiors department. At present there is no catering, but basically there is space for it.

New concepts for the French are the ambience and experience with visuals, various atmosphere displays, and departments with their own wooden floors on gray concrete. The ‘boutique’ that sells local produce, is typically French and immensely popular.

Magasin Vert in Marly is a recognizable Dutch concept without being a replica. Unmistakably of Dutch origin, but with a strong French accent.