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New build Intratuin, Zwijndrecht (Belgium) 2010

Zwijndrecht opened its fifth Intratuin branch in Belgium; in an entirely new complex designed by Breddels Architecten. Located on the outskirts of the city of Antwerp, this garden center plays host to a catchment area of almost 150,000 households. What’s special here, is that this is the first Intratuin store consisting of three levels. An ultra-compact accommodation, particularly suited to its metropolitan location.

Intratuin Zwijndrecht boasts 6,600 m² of retail floor area. The garden furniture and pet products are located in the basement, whilst the other levels offer a wide range of flowers, plants, gardening and lifestyle and interior accessories. The levels are connected with elevators and a wide stone staircase.
Application of state-of-the-art technology and high-performance materials including thermal insulation, makes this branch one of the most progressive of its kind.

The arched roof trusses and coated steel above the mirrored glass give the exterior of Intratuin Zwijndrecht a stately and attractive look. This refinement is also echoed in the store’s interior. The floors in the basement and upper level have been implemented in a smooth concrete, specially treated to look like blue Belgian limestone. 

This has given the store a special and luxurious appearance which is also maintenance-friendly.