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New build Intratuin, Heerlen (the Netherlands) 2008

An empty plot near the residential-boulevard in Heerlen was an excellent realization for relocation of Intratuin. This special location, on the other side of Ikea, is an urban junction opposite the residential-boulevard on the other side of the Terhoevendestreet. The connecting link between to the areas will be exist in the new design.

The new Intratuin is compact, the greenhouses are the shop and a rectangular, more closed, volume houses the stockroom and offices. The greenhouses are extra high, that the ultimate spatial effect is created and space is left open for flexibility in the future. At the front are the space-frames, which serve as overhang structure, a special canopy roof at the entrance.
Once inside, the merchandise presented in a logical order, taking into account the seasons. The garden cafe has been given a prominent place in the interior, immediately adjacent to a large play area for children. For the ultimate green experience is the outside sales put in green.

The mesh fence wall on the side of the parking creates a visual connection to the building on the other side of the road. In the future, a walkway through the garden center and above te road are achieved, as connecting element between the residential boulevards. In front of the building an elevated entrance will be realized, with stairs and ramps accessible, and an additional access at the rear near the footbridge. At this locality a space-frame has created a canopy roof in the otherwise flat facade.

So here is a very special garden center realized, it has not only the potential to build a green bridge between two worlds of experience, but above all this is an attractive oasis on the residential-boulevard in Heerlen. Shopping here is a green and inspiring experience for the whole family.