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New build Intratuin, Deventer (the Netherlands) 2019

The new Intratuin Deventer branch located in the suburb of Blauwenoord opened on 1 March 2019. The store is located on a plot measuring 2.6 hectares between the canal Overijssels Kanaal, the N348 provincial road, and the railway line.

The new garden center has a floor surface area of 10,000 m². On the ground floor it has a retail floor area of approx. 6,700 m² with another 2,000 m² on the first floor. On the ground floor there is a spacious outdoor sales area of about 2,000 m² and a large and high warehouse of about 1,000 m². The ample parking area in front of the store provides space for about 400 vehicles and has its own turnoff from the provincial road (N348/Weg door Zuid-Salland).

In cooperation with SVT Branding & Design Group, Breddels Architecten has elaborated a totally new concept ‘Intratuin 3.0’.
SVT developed a new strategy, identity and retail formula. The formula is meant give customers a new inspiration and experience each time they visit. To achieve this, SVT created ‘the magazine concept’. A store designed with varying themes, sections and space for inspiration and information, just like a magazine. The retail formula is made up of various specialty stores where the product range, expertise and inspiration are enhanced to offer their very best. The varying themes ensure that the large garden center stores continue to be very exciting and more dynamic.

Intratuin Deventer is also equipped with a ‘Tasting Garden’, the new catering concept of Intratuin. The focus lies on the season-related kitchen and to tantalize your taste buds.

Intratuin flagship store with a brand new formula
Intratuin flagship store with a brand new formula