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Expansion Intratuin, Breda (the Netherlands) 2017

The entire expansion/renovation of Intratuin Breda was completed four years after the first phase of the unheated greenhouse extension. By giving the eye-catching new entrance a modern appearance where perception plays an important role, a wish has come true.

After the expansion in 2013, which saw the unheated greenhouse enlarged by 2,955 m², the original 2016 plans were tracked down to complete the entire plan.

This time the entrance was tackled, for which three existing greenhouse roofs were demolished to create enough space. Although construction of the entrance was not particularly large, its complexity was quite a challenge. The ‘heart’ of the business had to be demolished and relocated temporarily. This meant that preparations for the installations had to be done in good time to be able to meet the building deadline. In the meanwhile, all the building activities needed to be done while the shopping public could be ‘guided’ properly and safely in and around the garden center and narrow parking area/construction site.

Six months later, the totally refurbished new entrance covering a surface area of 1,000 m² and an upper floor of 500 m² was reopened to the public. The entrance on the ground floor accommodates the customer service desk, checkouts, florist and a new section with season-related and local products.