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New build Intratuin, Apeldoorn (the Netherlands) 2009

The brand new Intratuin Apeldoorn in the recent development ‘De Voorwaarts’ opened its door to the public on 1 March 2009.

Seven months of work preceded the festive opening. In the summer of 2008 the old gardening centre which had become far too small (3,400m²) was demolished and the construction of the new accommodation was started at the end of August of that same year.

The new Intratuin Apeldoorn now has a floor of 3,000m², a cold greenhouse of 4,000m², a warm greenhouse of 3,000m², and a warehouse of 1,000m². The outdoor area comprises 2,800m².

“We finally have the room to present our goods attractively and spaciously”, says Garden Centre Manager Remco Gorkink.  “Our stylists have really been able to work lavishly.”

Since its opening this Intratuin Garden Centre has been well-visited and the spacious new accommodation is very enjoyable, not just for the visitors but also for the Intratuin staff themselves.